Thursday, October 08, 2009

What is better than MONEY ?

Over the course of my life (almost 50 now...oh no, don't feel sorry for me - it is not that bad to be almost 50... not THAT bad, really) I've come to realize that a lot of things in life are better than money and right this morning when I woke up at 5AM for no good reason other than being "not so young adult" - I decided to create small list of things that are better than money.

True love. That I had in my life - twice.  First true love back in kindergarten borrowed my favorite book and I never got it back.  No biggie - that was just a book...just a book grandfather gave me and so happened that he died just few days later and that book was all I had left from him.  Not a bad price for having experienced true love first time in my life. Second time true love lasted longer - firstly in the shape of true love and I was happy to spend a lot of money to make her even  happier, and then some years later - in the shape of true hate ...and I still spending a lot of money to make her happy...well I have no choice now - Judge was NOT nice...

True friends I've had and still have a lot of real friends - at least those who never borrowed money from me.

Dream job of your life The one you do not for the money, but because you love what you do and you know your boss really appreciates your efforts and creativity and you are not worrying about monetary aspect at all - money will come if you deserve it...  Then you see a lot of new VIP faces and begin to question your rightness - few days later you decide to quit and that makes your boss temporary upset because he has to use what's left of his brains and decide if he has to hire 3 people (at 1/3 of your salary each) or 4 (do the math) or, may be, just keep the money.

Happy "Golden Years" When grandkids are already out of your house, your kids finally call you more than once a months because they lonely too by then, you live in the fully paid off house...and you don't sleep nights because the local government keeps raising property taxes - obviously they are trying to keep up with your constantly rising retirement income.  Anyhow - why in the world would they call that "Golden Years"?  You cannot walk, you cannot eat, you cannot of the very few things you still can do - you peeing - all the time - may be that is why you are not sleeping.

Good healthcare America has the best healthcare professionals in the world - no doubt about that in my mind, you just have to find them.  With a little bit of luck (or just after changing over 20 primary care physicians) you can get medical attention you deserve - and you do deserve attention for obscene amount of money you will pay for that.

Just Justice system When you don't have to prove that you are innocent and it works the way it was thought out to work based on "presumption of innocence" - you look confused, shall I explain what that is?  It is when Justice has to prove that you are guilty and not vice versa.  Not even speaking of amount of money you will waste if you are so unlucky to have to deal with mindless machine that cares only about bail/court fees money and supplying new inmates in order to pay salaries to state employees.

OK, now, for those of you who has not hit "unsubscribe email" yet

Next post I might dedicate to one fine young woman ( She might be as good looking as she is smart - thou I have not seen her... yet, but as I said - I am almost 50 young and most of "young women" are "fine" for me now) - she demonstrated desire and skills to MAKE money instead of sitting on her fine ass (As I said I have not seen her yet - that Lady, not her ass) and bitching about lack of thereof (lack of money, not lack of ass).

All I can say that this market look like a daaaam fine ass... ehh ... I meant SHORT!


P.S. For those of you who are wondering if that fine lady will be upset for me bringing up word "ass" one too many times - I have received explicit content to do so. After all - that is a free publicity for her fine ass…eh.. trading skills.

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