Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Results" of "Stress Test"

Here we go (I have my nostrils plugged - hate rotten fish's smell)

April 30 (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve will postpone the release of stress tests on the biggest U.S. banks while executives debate preliminary findings with examiners, according to government and industry officials.
The results, originally scheduled for publication on May 4, now may not be revealed until toward the end of next week, said the people, who declined to be identified. A new release date may be announced as soon as tomorrow, they said.

I am just wondering - if "their" testing does not make "them" happy enough to release it on time - what will happen when all bagholders of the world who are buying shares from professionals who were buying all the way to the bottom - what will happen WHEN "results" are released?  Mid May? Sell in May? CNBC said - "THIS May is different"?

What are "they" waiting for? Are they expecting Americans to become slightly more patient in one week? Or just slightly more ignorant?

Suckers never change...

Here is another chart to be saved - your grandchildren might like it, but you might have to add sound to that chart - I doubt that with the way Government ("From People for People") treat us people will be able to read 20 years from now (McDee will be gone by then I hope, it is just it looks lot like Golden Fat Arch)


Elliot Wave Fantasy Land #2

Do you have any idea why I selected 10 minutes timeframe?

Because it looks good for my cause (I am short the market right now) - all other timeframes told me that I am wrong.

EW is just like a good lover - good answer is always there...somewhere...

DIA  4_29_2009 (10 Min)

QQQQ  4_29_2009 (10 Min)

SPY  4_29_2009 (10 Min)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hell of a chop-chop day

If you will tell me that you were able to profitable and calmly make money today, without falling asleep few times - I will take my hat off to you.


Somehow cool gang from Trading to Win Day Trading Chat Room managed to pull it off using collective thinking and even (surprise surprise) profited nicely. Stop by and join the team - it is free - yes, sometimes "good stuff" IS free.

Another good news (above my expectations) - my modest attempt to produce "mechanical version" of Elliot Wave worked far.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Elliot Wave - whatever you like

Here is my modest attempt to apply Layman's Mechanical version of EW based on STRICT RULES with no subjective interpretation.

As of Monday stock market entered corrective wave WC (speaking of SPY it will lead it down to 83.7 by Tuesday)


Sunday, April 26, 2009

John Mauldin on Kudlow & Company

This is a clip from CNBC's Kudlow & Company with John Mauldin on July 1, 2008.

History sometimes provides valuable insights as who to listen to and who has to be ignored as ones with no integrity, decency, politeness, and IQ below legally allowed level  - you know who I am referring to...

[Market Update video has been posted on Contributors Site. If you are interested in becoming contributor - here is how]

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Speaking of Market Ticker

Mr. Karl Denninger from Market Ticker calls for prosecution in high places - of people who lied, conspired and cheated ordinary Americans out of trillions dollars.

I agree 100% - that is how it “should” work.

Now - this is why it will NOT happen.

In order to clean it up in high places we need to start from the slightly lower levels. Here is the list of the people who we must imprisoned first:

  • Car salesmen who tell you that “this is today only deal and only for you and this is the cheapest price and best brand”

  • People who place bottom of the screen commercials in cable program you paid for.

  • Insurance agents who tell you “You are in good hands”

  • People who show Tampax commercials when I am having dinner

  • People who are over 80 years old and make happy faces holding Viagra in their hands in front of the camera.

  • People who when applying for the job say: “I am the very best” (and none checks if they can write)

  • School dropouts who get paid 50,000,000 per year for waving the bat.

  • Doctors who charge you $300 for 3 minutes of their time (and never pay YOU for 57 minutes you wasted waiting in the empty room) and diagnose you with severe conditions requiring immediate use of Tylenol.

  • Hairdressers who tell you “Wait time is no more than 10 minutes” and you still there one hour later.

  • People who were laughing at French and European socialism and now French will confidently retire and laughing Americans will continue to work in golden years laughing at French who would not care less (And NO - Paris is NOT in Texas)

  • and last, but not least - people who advertise tacos with flat bottoms and everyone involved in making and watching of American Idol (as a side effect that will raise IQ of average American by few points and decrease the number of ignorant idiots laughing at French)

You get the point - most of ordinary human beings acting out of greed in the country where lie is commonly accepted as long as you don’t get caught or just cannot be held legally responsible because of convenient phrase “honest mistake” shall be imprisoned because there will be no end to frauds in the high and low places - human nature NEVER CHANGES.  Wake up Karl.  Banks will still BE there and THEY will be laughing all the way to the bank. 

Unless... unless you succeed, Karl.  GOOD LUCK KARL

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is it a Boy Day Trade? Is it a Girl Swing Trade?

Blessed be!
Mazal Tov!
Good deal today!

"There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute"



And now something completely different - REAL GENIOUS. R.I.P Aleksey


Alexei Sultanov - Beethoven Appassionata (Excerpt)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unpleasantly “surprised”

Am I glad I did not trust Monday/Tuesday stock market’s weird action - I almost became “comfortably numb” when I noticed that a lot of potential Trade Signals due to complete Wednesday/Thursday recycled - Mr. Market takes no prisoners and uses all available means to deceit poor trusting traders.

I was feeling uneasy - I don’t like “change” (no matter who sells it) and I continued to dig through the pile of charts of individual stocks and ETFs.  I normally go by main ETFs such as QQQQ, SPY, DIA, IWM, XLF and so on, but this time I had to flip to the quote page for inverse ETF - I am glad I did.  Market never seize to surprise... well - this is going to be just another midnight session for me and results of Trade Signals will be posted on Contributors Site ...I guess sometimes before market opens.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Safety Valve?

As I mentioned in the previous post there was something unnatural in today’s selloff.


Just total absence of buyers, initial gap scared everyone, all technicals were at the critical resistance points, none wanted to step in and buy here - down the slippery slope market was going all the day long. Somehow today did change a lot, major indexes in one day on no volume made it to the manor support areas, most daily sell signals were recycled and, if market will start going up tomorrow after really small gap down of near flat open - I would be very tempted to say that today was a necessary “clearing action” and market will go higher reaching my original targets for /ES 885-914 by the time it is REALLY ready to sell. May be I am just biased - I ended today on 20% margin on the long side...


[annotated chart posted on Contributors Site. If you are interested in becoming contributor of Trading to Win - here is how.]

I’ll be honest - I blew it today

Every single argument for selloff I stated in this post

S&P500 Opinion for next week (VIDEO)

itself and in the video as well all came together today (Sunday night really) and I was trading against myself all the day long - my ADD kicked in and... and... very mad at myself, the good news for subscribers is - I was not broadcasting my today’s trades (well, only in the Trading Chat, but guys and gals over there know the truth about explosive combination “DavidDT + Trend”=”I hate trends”)

But...there was something wrong what I have not quite figured out yet, about today’s selloff. It did not feel like selloff after good run up. It did not feel panicky in no way. It just felt plain It felt like LIQUIDATION - and there is not much to liquidate now...except for, may be, tomorrow “they” will say that huge hedge fund blew up OR Treasury Sec Geithner will give market a very bad news and it “somehow” leaked today. I will be going over the charts later tonight to figure out why I, who awaited for selloff so eagerly, now not happy with it. The only thing that I figured for now is: TDSetup Sell on SPX was in progress (seeing in the same video), was suppose to complete on Wednesday - it is RECYCLED now! I suspect (just a gut feel for now) that we might be facing yet another rally - REALLY need to look at a lot of charts tonight.

Posted by DavidDT at 4/20/2009 07:09:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post

[annotated chart posted on Contributors Site. If you are interested in becoming contributor of Trading to Win - here is how.]

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello again 2c Nat Gas Dennis Gartman

"We're not short-term investors; we focus on the long term" (Karen Finerman)

Of course sweetie pie “C is a value girl” and things must be going real well for you if you have to make extra nickel by participating in freak show…back to Dennis now.

Last week during Fast Money Show Mr. Gartman said: “Nat gas? It must be going to 2c he-he”

Today I will not be wasting my time reminding you about Dennis’ inconsistencies in respect to “staying out of oil” and “trading oil around” and “holding oil” – there were too many of those back in the summer of 2008 – none is perfect.   Today I’d like to ask you - you “have been doing IT for 35 years” – you still have NOT learned that “huge new supplies” not always equal to “low price”?  I bet you did learn that – WHY would you ironically predict Nat Gas to go down to 2c? Mr. Gartman – may I see what you are buying now, please?  Of course not, that would be disclosing “proprietary trading techniques” (I heard that somewhere not long ago – have not I?)

No, I just cannot hold myself – let me remind about those good ole days when I was naive enough to contradict Mr. Commodities King (What is it with “King” thing – are not we living in Republican Society?) and made pretty good money.

April 29/30 2008 Mr. King himself was “very bearish on commodities” – if we would listen to him – we would miss 50% run-up by the end of June 2008 – nice timing Dennis.

"Big Day" tomorrow
Updated Trade Signals as of April 30th 2008

Back to Natural Gas

I’ve been watching the “Widows Maker” for a long time now, even bought few July 20 UNG calls few days ago (nothing big to talk about), but I think THIS IS a time now, not for crazy parabolic run, but time to make money on Natural Gas playing the long side of it.

Why?  Gut feel first. 161.8% Fib = 14.28 (was waiting this for ages now) – second.  Tradable range – if it falls below $13.40 on weekly close – that would be clear stop for me.  Not to mention multiple DeMark setups developing.  If I am right and it goes above $15.70 – I’ll be adding to initial position.  First (initial) target for me would be around $25 within the next few months.  No chart today – tired - just video of not such a good quality, still cannot figure out YouTube’s best approach (better quality full sized UNG VIDEO is posted on Contributors Site )

Saturday, April 18, 2009

S&P500 Opinion for next week (VIDEO)

Code of silence has finally being broken - since a lot of people have been asking me for years why I am not “doing YouTube” I finally cracked down and created first flash video presentation.

But since YouTube does not fit my taste in sizes (of videos) - I just decided to do humanly sized video with inhumane accent.

Contributing Members might “enjoy” it HERE, it will be reposted on public site in about a week - sorry guys and gals - have to pay my bills and respect Contributors priority status. If you are interested in becoming contributor of Trading to Win - here is how.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doom and Gloom portfolio liquidated as of today.

Example Portfolio has been “liquidated” as of today’s market close - with total gain of 65.51% in 6 week period.  (March 2nd to April 16th)

When there is a blood on the street...and it does not matter what blood and what street - this is when you step in front of the running ...train? 800lbs gorilla?  You name it - just don’t do it at home - you still need to be able to figure out WHEN IT IS THE RIGHT TIME TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT.  (Stupid or brave - would not care less - money talks BS walks.)

In case if you’d like to know full version of this saying - here it is:

“Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own.” 

Baron Rothschild

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Channels rule!

[Posted on Contributors Site on Monday 4/13/2009 11:46:00 PM]

Of course it would be nice if I have not miscalculated the top of that channel for today - I had 865 as target, when in fact it was 861.50 - and 861.50 that was - the moment /ES touched upper line of this boring channel - it sold off nicely in the last 15 minutes - I think someone knew that GS earnings will not be great.

This channel has to be watched really closely - if /es somehow breaks out - 912+ is not out of the questions. Meanwhile I keep easing down on my IRAs (was net 100% long just 3 days ago) - down to 60% net long as of today’s close. As long as /es closes in the vicinity of upper line of the channel - I am and will be buying SPY near the money puts on market close (just to flip overnight or hold if /SPY finally moves down)


Jim Rogers latest interview



Monday, April 13, 2009

American Beauty

Mature language!!! As - “language of grown ups”?

Have you noticed that former Communists sound more Capitalists than our “CONgressional indecision makers”?

We still have a great amount of work to do in social development, including resolving one of the biggest challenges we face in this area, namely, reducing the gap between high-income earners and people, citizens of our country, who are still living on very modest means indeed. But we cannot, of course, adopt the solution used 80 years ago and simply confiscate the riches of some to redistribute among others. We will use completely different means to resolve this problem, namely, we will ensure good economic growth.
Vladimir Putin

Sunday, April 12, 2009

“You must ask the right questions”


Dr. Alfred Lanning: Everything that follows is a result of what you see here.
Detective Del Spooner: Is there something you want tell me?
Dr. Alfred Lanning: I'm sorry. My responses are limited. You must ask the right questions.

I don’t read much these days... that would be “I don’t read much of other people financial websites” (except for very very few)

“If you know something about the stock I am trading in, something really, really important, please keep it to yourself.  Don’t tell me.”

Bernard Baruch

Now back to my own home made usual hoopla...


Good news first: SPX has been in ascending channel for quite a while now - wonderful - I can keep selling whatever I have accumulated during March 2nd-March 7th period at the much better prices than I could have expected.


Lots of bad news now:

Ascending channels are bearish

Ascending channels where most of the price action happens due to overnight gaps (grey circles) with failure to follow though with strong daytime price action are bearish.

Big green candles right at the bottom of the ascending channel are bearish in a way - they indicate desperation of PPT to keep things rolling.

Busted descending wedge’s breakdown (red trendlines) produced strong upside measured move and it is over now.

860+ is a very strong long term resistance.

Asian markets gaining 40% OFF the PRIOR lows is bullish..for Asian market.  And 20% gain off the lows for American markets is a very poor excuse for the rally after losing over 57% of its value in just few months - we are just where the last snowball got rolling. And it does not prove that USA are gaining strength back, but it does add an extra argument for “Asia in 21th century IS what America WAS in 20th century.  Teach your kids Mandarin please, do them a favor - that would be much better investment in your kids’ future than wasted MBA fees. 

Low, practically inexistent volume during the day time indicates total apathy of big institutional buyers (mutual funds, pension funds etc - just hedges playing around - are not they getting tired yet?)

I can go on about fake Gold downturn, temporary dollar strength ...but you get the point - tight stops, daily research, following your positions (no setting and forgetting)

As for me - I am getting ready to jump out of the long train Monday morning if after touching 860+ on SPX market will start sliding on higher volume - and happy short I’ll be... even happier if market will hold onto gains till the end of OPX week.

...and - I have a very big list of “defensive stocks” I’ll be posting on Contributors Site tonight.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

“This is not a *** game” – this is life savings at stakes

Below in italics is an email I received from one of the readers of my blog…one of the many similar emails I keep getting during these difficult times. Read it, feel it and if it feels like YOUR feelings as of late then continue reading my reply…well, not reply…my thoughts – after all this blog is my “trading journal”, my “diary”, it started as my self help for my own active trading and somehow it became a very important part of my life.

David, I really like reading your blog, I have been unable to read or to trade lately (other commitments) and that is a shame because the market is starting to behave better for longs, and I am struggling with learning to short.  mental thing.  I used to do the CANSLIM method  and that worked well for a while, but I have faltered and am looking to do something simpler, longer term.
Your example port is up in a big way, because you had the kahunas to jump in at the first sign of a turn.  I am not in, thinking of jumping in soon maybe 25 or 30 % into spy, qqqq, iwm, fxi and ewz.  then adding as market goes up and stopping out at 5% if need be, fear is whipsaws at this level.  thoughts?


This is an email from smart, diligent, hardworking person, someone who does not want to get rich quick, but understands that money under the mattress tend to lose value and needs to be put to work. …and that someone was long biased for the most part of her “investment life”.

No blame here, it is so natural for people to try to be optimistic, especially after they learn as time goes by that life “aint fair” and your only friend is yourself.

Propaganda machine (some call it mass media, I, as someone who was born in USSR and learned that anything they say on TV or meetings is one huge lie, I still call it PROPAGANDA – that IS what it is) kept telling us for ages that we live in the best country in the world, that country cares about its citizens in the good times and suffers with its citizens in the bad time….and we have learned that our money and opportunities were wasted in the good times and we have to save the country at our expense in the bad times.

They kept telling us that Americans are the most courageous and honest people in entire Earth, that we are heard, that “customer feedback is very important” – and we learned that we will be fired for criticizing company’s policies and denied unemployment benefits on the lame pretense of misusing company’s email and that for customer it is always less expensive and less time consuming to bend over and take it instead of trying to fight sellers of defective products even if “luck” is on the customer’s side and lemon law exists in home state.

They were telling us that the only thing we need to succeed in our lives was “Can Do” attitude and we have learned that the attitude we really need is to be able to use elbows to move competitors aside and strong legs to go up over  the fallen bodies…and God forbid to forget to wear blinders – we might unintentionally pay attention to other people’s problems…

We were taught to put faith in our government and we learned to play “find one smart seemingly honest person” during televised Congress meeting – and we happy to see Ron Paul and “they” were happy that we did not pay attention to other 499 challenged in any possible way eternal taxpayers’ dependants.

And finally getting back to the market – they were telling us that the only right thing to do is to set it and forget it with the stock market – they needed our money in order to grow and pay bigger bonuses, to charge higher fees for dart throwing mutual funds management – they knew they did not want any “pay for performance/pay back for losing” compensation system.

Blodget said “Internet stocks will go up forever” – he even wrote a book in jail about it.

Buffet said – buy American NOW, you have 9 lives just like smiling vultures do – you don’t need money now.

Soros / Rogers /Mauldin were blamed for been overly pessimistic for the last 30 years – from the early days of global fraud – none liked that they saw it and were trying to tell to hard working citizens that money is not safe – and guess what – in spite of the fact that they were years early – IF we listened to them we would still come ahead in the game, years ahead – market is at 1966 level adjusted for inflation.

What can I say, what can I answer to similar emails? I wish I HAD an answer, but I only have an opinion, opinion that this is the biggest EVER challenge America and most of the Western world has ever faced and even if we’ll be incredible lucky and will come out of it 10 years later – world will never be the same we knew before.

This IS a bear market, it started back in 2000, never ended and will not end for the years to come, last S&P500 high was way lower then prior in 2000 – never forget inflation, never…

It is hard to play this game, and it does not matter now – long or short, rules keep changing in the middle of the game, even for full time traders this is getting more and more challenging day after day.

I know this rally is NOT sustainable due to a multitude of the reasons (subject for yet another post), but market will go higher than we think it will, and market will go lower than we hope it would…but it always catching up with reality. If I was not long in my IRAs accounts I would be very hesitant to open any new long positions at this moment (as a matter of fact – I was selling my long positions during last week, about 30% of portfolio) – except – if I’d do it “Author of email” way – probing, taking my chances, 10/15% of portfolio at a time, adding after meaningful advance, tightening the stops, watching it…watching …no setting and forgetting, no “IFs”. It takes guts to step in and buy during the plague (hold on, hold on – you still need to understand WHY I jumped in in the beginning of March 2009 and do not overlook the fact that first time back in mid April I had to liquidate entire portfolio at over 6% total loss), but in my opinion it takes a lot more guts to jump into the moving train – it might stop in 2 minutes at the train station, you might get hurt while catching it or it might just derail with you on board…or it might go on (that I do NOT believe at the moment)

Good luck Elaine!

P.S. PLEASE – read “Practical Speculations” – that book might change the way you look at the markets.

Make no mistake

katrina-tornado Hopefully credibility of this post will not be affected by immediate association of these words with Baby Bush – we are different after all – I am not very rich, I am honest, was told that I might even be smart when I am not trying to look like a clown – some people don’t really have to even try to be clowns… oh well, back to the topic



Repeat after me


Do it as many times as needed to understand that the rally we are having


Lest be honest – only selling weapons/supplies in exchange for pure gold to bleeding countries in war with Hitler pulled USA out of depression…

I’d like to use opportunity and publicly apologize for forgetting (due to my severe ADD) to include “Mr. Rising Star” (What media degenerate used that term in connection with Dick?) in my list of “Faces to remember” (AKA “People who will cause you to lose all your money)

Somehow most of the Mr.’s Dick past articles were pulled off the internet – so you will have to read reprints/saved articles.

March 18th of 2008 "This is a generational opportunity to buy (bank stocks) on the cheap."

Some people who have no own point of view and live their lives according to cliché “None has ever got fired for buying Microsoft products” already jumping on Dicks’ 2009 bandwagon (thou they are too unimportant to deserve to be included in “Faces to Remember”)

Dick Bove Says Banking Is Sound - Time to Buy Financials?


Repeat after me


The answer I’d like to know – where did Dylan Ratigan go? I guess he was not enough stupid and definitely not enough bullish for CNBC’s sponsors…

Well, sorry guys and gals – you have to listen to no sense China Girl now if you are one of stock-tip-hungry masses.

Wells Fargo record profits? Yahaaa – SUCKERS – coming out of yo packet – you get no interest and pay plenty if you are lucky enough to get a loan now – they call it “spread betting” – rest in peace George Carlin, like he said: “People are stupid”

And it is just amazing (and good for the government that people are somehow so patient… as polite word for “LAZY” and once again “STUPID”)

Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.
Mark Twain

Pessimistic – sometimes, realistic – always.

Repeat after me:


Who knows, may be Nostradamus was right after all.

Proof? If you need it - you shall not be trading/investing, but here they are



Repeat after me…

Thursday, April 09, 2009

EURO Cup & Handle


This is today’s chart – EURO had enough rest – lets go!

And quick memory trip

EURO post as of March 1st 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

SPY /ES game plan

[Posted on Contributors Site Tuesday 4/07/2009 10:38:00 PM

Here is how to contribute –you get priority updates on Contributors Site and separate Contributors’ only Mailing list , access to Day Trading Chat when introductory period is over, access to the indicators library for TOS I have collected over the time]

As I type this /ES is below 810 which was most likely down target set in prior as of Sunday March 5th post here on Contributors Site and reposted later on Public Site , it will most likely retest 800 area in overnight session and then resume upward move – too good of a risk/reward trade to miss.

I am setting up a “buy ladder” for /es  2x 805, 1x 803, 1x 801, 1x 799, 2x 797


day buy order for SPY May79calls @4.50

Decision based on lower side of ascending hourly channel and my buddy demark indeed…


Monday, April 06, 2009

Everyone is a Bull now? Not so fast…

[Posted and emailed on Contributors’ Site  on Sunday April 5th at 4/05/2009 02:39:00 PM]

Oh well, this is just the way I like it – market selloff when none would expect it and the only trade working (in a zigzag manner indeed) was THE LONG trade during the last three weeks.  Perpetual bears like Tim Knight from Slope of Hope (why every time I stop by at his site – in comments sections there are no old names? What is with turnaround – any reason?), Mole from Evil Speculator and many others have very nicely looking (for Bulls that is) projected targets at about 880 S&P area – how lovely and I tend to agree with that target (after all – I was the one who called the bottom in my posts as of March2-March7 2009 … but NOT YET.

Here what I think will happen on Monday April 6th 2009.

SPX (S&P500) will go up to 848 during the day (or overnight session for /ES S&P500 Futures) and then “unexpectedly” will start descend down to 810 area – we are not done with that “Blue line” YET.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The “ART” of the “Right Side of the Chart”

It is simply amazing how sometimes visual “projections” hold water, not in the hindsight, but, as it was the case with the post as of March 16th 2009, in foresight.

Let me repost that March 16th “Art/Day Trading /ES off an Hourly Chart ”

(quoted in between the green lines)

--------------------------------------------------start of quoted text

Number one:  Don't you even think about criticizing lines' colors on that chart.

Number two - I've done everything possible to avoid explanations of how to fill "the right side of the chart" - no art needed...


Number three:  "YES" - all drawings were on that chart long before today (except for ugly blue trendline on the right side - it was put there yesterday).

-------------------------------------------------end of quoted text

Now, for comparison, here is as of Friday Apr 3rd S&P500 Futures Chart (pay attention to the “Ugly blue line”)


I think, as of today, it is ECONOMIC ANALYIS A.K.A. “Make belief” (produced by brain dead politically correct Prozak filled high salaried paycheck players) shall be called WOO-DOO – what do ya think?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Top of the channel – top of the day?

This chart appeared on Contributors' site on 4/02/2009 at 11:59:00 AM (also, real time email was sent out)

Quite a few people (we call them “Contributors” as oppose to “leeches/freeloaders/lurkers”)  were crazy/brave/smart(?) enough to short 842 top of the channel area - $50 contribution goes long way on just one trade :-)

Also, beginning today “Trade Signals” are only available to “Contributors” …and they were just updated – were interesting things I see there – market never ceases to amuse


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

“How’s your hammer hanging?”




Guests at Bellevue will soon be given bathrobes instead of straitjackets, if the city can convince a developer to turn its most famous nut house into a luxe hotel.

New York Post


Speaking George Carlin may he rest in peace, I was “fine” or “dandy” during the last 8 days, but not both together most of the days.

Look at that hourly S&P500 Futures chart (including premarket) – does it look like a weird mirror reflecting involuntary guest of Her Majesty Science of Psychiatry or at least his attempt to replicate Kandinsky’s painting?


That was not a chart, chart is below.

Look at fat grey trendline (no offence to fat trendlines intended) – does it look that it separates two mirror images one slightly scaled down and reversed? But at the same time regression channel showing downtrend? What do we make of it? Those of you who still breathing - “how’s your hammer hanging?”


Somehow I got through this mess in one piece, sometime that was just dumb luck, sometime good homework (A.K.A. Dumb Luck), sometimes I had a “gut feel” about holding or closing position (A.K.A. DUMB LUCK) – today my luck finally run out – I went long on the open, closed for no good reason and no good profits, attempted to enter multiple short positions, which closed at break even or close to, and, finally got stuck in yet another short trade which I had guts and was conviction to hold positively certain that it will make good cabbage and cabbage it made – bleeding most of the day, having too much fun and bragging about “SPY puts making money already” in the Real Time Day Trading Chat Room during sudden drop when I could make money on that trade (not just break even) and then Mr. Market made me watch /ES going faster than it came down (at least that was my feeling together with paranoid disbelief of THIS happening)

The moral? Kids – don’t brag – just trade…