Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Friday, April 04, 2014


As much as I know that economy and market have nothing in common that much I am disgusted with this market on free money drugs.


All roads lead to the failure of Rome – history does not repeat, but it rhymes…

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

10 year rates are about to skyrocket? /ZN TNX


Long term /ZN rising channel from 2006 is about to give up?  Does not look like a diamond reversal anymore, thank you Putin for getting upset with moronic JPM actions…


Is it just me or the world is accelerating its descent closer to WWIII????


But … do not worry – drink beer, watch TeeVee and be happy…



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I get no respect








And, speaking of stock market … it was quite predictable for over CONfident bulls, now it is quite predictable for people with common sense – short the rips, cover the dips


Looking at USD …. setting up for a trade, but not yet

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Copper … full ahead … down




TDST Weekly support was tested twice – it is bar 2 of ongoing Buy Setup … and the common De-Mark-ian wisdom says: “ if TDST penetrated on bars before 6-9 …. look down below”

Monday, March 10, 2014

Stopped out by 5 points trailing stop

But will reshort again a little higher – that doji is too tempting. Trading around trading around with TDRL penetration as my “throw the towel again” reference level. Unfortunately 2 days TDRL is quite above 1900 level that is why I am so cautious and not taking big bets and closing out faster than normally would.






Looking at coffee futures and recall me saying on Slope Of Schlopes  site when it was around 115 that “it is has bottomed, but with this volume I am not a game” … well, I wish I made money instead of just been right … when will I be right on the market? I truy expected mid January to be a significant top, still looking at current move up as “overthrow”, but getting increasingly puzzled every day … who knows – may be idiocy of Cramers of this world is the new wisdom … “where else would you put money now if not in stocks” … no valuation mentioned – and it is a way it is in new Aby Normal – who cares … those are tulips, they grow … still!

What is this chart of?





…nothing says “it is recovery you stupid people” better than crashing iron ora prices … 8% today alone…

Your move MiniTruth!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Short again



After been stopped as per plan I defined in I stayed away from the market ( even went to Miami to distance myself from erratic action), but on Friday went short again based on 2 charts


1. Copper – went through the TDST support on bar 4 which hints on further strong downside and if that happens with copper – not all is well in fairly tale economy of ours. But I will be watching copper’s action very closely – if it reverses without making new low – we might just have wave C up on our hands




2. /ES bar nine sell setup, entered short close to TDRL (red arrow) – will use it as a “mental stop”




Monday, February 24, 2014

That pride deep inside

There could be only one Patria – and for me it is a former USSR and it warms me up that even after most of athletes left for European and Northern American countries in pursuit of better money ( For a lot of people “UBI BENE IBI PATRIA”) the most medals were collected by Russia. Who knows – may be 21st century will see new super power and I suspect it will not be USsA anymore and neither China.





P.S. On the “market note” – I finished trading around my short position and 100% committed on the short side – today’s fluke (without closing on new highs for SPX) presented way better entries that I could hope for – with ability to place stops so very close under today’s highs.


If it will not work – I will go flat and sit on hands for a while.