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I trade.
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You will not read here about "what happened"
(like on most of others so called investment/trading websites )
you will read what I THINK WILL HAPPEN


The tape tells the truth, but often there is a lie buried in the human interpretation
~~Jesse Livermore~~
In the spirit of always thinking outside the herd box and looking at the bigger picture - here is new long term chart (last chart was published back in Septemeber 2013 if memory serves me right.
Today is September 3rd 2020
Interesting...September again....

Below chart posted n September 2013 - looks like it worked just the way I thought it would - when everyone was still waiting for "return of Jedi of bear market" - I went all in long and it did pay off handsomely. The moral - have your own damn opinion - stop listening for "market gurus" - those who can - trade - those who can not - sell

Very long term... I mean - VERY LONG TERM
Beware of "Hockey sticks"!
Choose your color (my choice is GREEN, but my choice is mostly wrong, so - yellow that WILL BE )

Long term inflation adjusted chart - we started NEW D-WAVE!

medium term - correction is upon us

I expect move down to last until the end of September - beginning of October
Middle to end of October (<== updated Aug 17,2013)
and bring (SPX) down to 1410 intraday low

I will post my trading moves below as daily Dwave ABC (see chart above) progresses for 
"public audit"

August 2nd 2013
I am going out on a limb and say: August 2nd or August 5th is an intermediate top with buy point August 22-27

Either today (if we close down few points) or tomorrow dwave A will print, so according to my plan I substantially trimmed down onAll /es shortrest of pcln putsall sept spy puts (holding dec)And some other short position I did not mention on my site
August 28th

I expect sizable bounce to start (well - it started today really)
Energy/Utilities started to move today due to earlier Buy Setups completions, Financials will move up tomorrow ...Emerging markets will follow
I will be long with moderate position till around September 9th.

September 6th 2013 and DISQUS comment Sep 6th during the day
I went short after 2PM today with slightly more than  1/2 of intended position and will press on Monday if it plays out the way I see it.

Sep9th 10AM Completed short positions into Sep 18th close to OpEx
Could not have asked for better secondary entries (if it will work indeed)

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