Saturday, April 23, 2011

20/20 in the hindsight? BS!

There is a saying that we are all smart in the hindsight – I would like to challenge this statement by presenting this chart and accompanying it with saying “Based on this SPX chart I closed shorts and went long”

Will I sound like a smart a..  does not matter .. who appear here just to say: “I DID that” (instead of “I WILL do that”)

Judge by yourselves


Again I went long based on the daily chart of SPX on the market close of April 19th




Now – ask me: “what the hell is wrong with you maaan???”

What did you see in this chart to go long????

Nothing “with me” – but something is..not “wrong” but different with this chart as compared to the very same chart created on April 19th – some, most curious of you already spotted date of the TOP chart – APRIL 20th)




Yeah – now you get it – Buy Setup COUNT IS GONE on April 20th



Well, nothing new here – deception is the name of the game here and we have to expect just that… to be deceived by … everything…everybody…famous Russian dark paranoid soul ringing alert bells….

Monday, April 11, 2011

Will it become triple bottom of a kind?

Watching that magical blue line that made me hefty amount of money on my last big short position back in Jan/Feb – when I was getting multitude of emails from “I told you so” stray trolls crowd – now I will be watching it again.

As I said on DISQUS thread (visit Trading to Win to participate – everyone is welcome) “I don’t know if I want to be short this market right now, but I don’t want to be long”



Monday, April 04, 2011

Back in the USSR

We don’t know how lucky we are…yeah…we are – here in USsA.

Well, first time in over 20 years I step my foot on motherland and only then I realized how little I missed it, from now on I will be bitching a little less about Socialist States of America – because I just had some refresher to my memory served and I know once again…it could be worse – I could still be there…or it could be raining.
Enjoy few pictures from one of the most beautiful cities on Earth.



DSCF0076 DSCF0169 DSCF0182 DSCF0189