Saturday, February 26, 2011

S&P500 monthly, weekly

Not quite certain how many of you (even regulars) still remember that charts galore posted back in the August of 2009


SP500 DeMark D-Wave



Lets see how TDST lines predicted the future back in the dammed past


Monthly – the first real resistance was and still is in 1400 area, we did have a pulback/flashcrash which “magically” released pressure from overbought market and let it get back in the way – I did worn about it comparing that flashdancing market with the crash back in 1997 during Asian Currencies Crisis after which market skyrocketed with no other real reason, but proclamations of “new economy” – and we are having “CHANGE” now—just as good of a reason for idiocy as anything else.


Now – the weekly chart…twice, second one zoomed – annotated and self explanatory. And it just completed week 13 of TD Sequential Sell Countdown.




Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take a deep breath

Market just did – nothing goes up or down in the straight line…I stand corrected – nothing goes down in the straight line…until the bottom falls off.


SPX 4 hours chart, Buy Countdown is in progress – and I am really tempted not to close my long puts on Friday (I always tend to step out of profitable trade way too early after witnessing even temporary devastation, I am a firm believer that “good trade has to be in green right away” – and, I leave a lot of money on the table when I cannot contain my “I love the sound of cash in the pocket” way of thinking.


For now – 1270 is my target – then I will reevaluate



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just a few charts

Getting some break here – long puts accumulated in the period from Jan 19th to Feb 8th are back in the green (for how long?)


Looking at SPY daily – it is hitting –133% line on the pitchfork and bounce possible, but keep in mind – if it breaks…well second chart of AAPL will tell you what it will looks like “IF it BREAKS”2011-02-23_1825



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Field of Dreams…in the Country of Fools

This is our industrial base.


This is our bright present.


This is what we became.


Should I say more?


Innovative disease filled imaginary financial instruments.


Fat ass creating home delivery of dreams (not even any good dreams anymore)


Stupid gadgets for kids who can not read ( and equally illiterate adults grown in “no stupid child left behind” schools by teachers who are dumb enough not to know who Theodore Dreiser was)


Comparing information for people who not capable of thinking by themselves?



What the **** has become of US???????????????????




2011-02-20_1842 2011-02-20_1831 2011-02-20_1843

Monday, February 14, 2011

One time only… Happy Valentine!!!

With my successful trading I was thinking that it always pays off to have a back up plan – and my 21 years old girlfriend gave me an interesting idea…tell me if I am good or what?!



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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Waiting for Godot?



Persistence of this rise is really annoying, it has buried not one, but the last bear, Egypt turmoil added fuel to buying US assets – paper, bonds, dust…anything away from Middle East is good now…



















Mr. Vix keeps flirting with Blue Support Line, bounced today off it in spite of steady climb of the broad market – what’s up with that?



Here is another “rlue line” I am watching – TDST on weekly  Dollar Futures chart – if it breaks down – I’ll be short dollar all over – now I have no position.  As a matter of fact, except for bleeding long puts (still deep in the money and far away) on SPY – I have no positions.


Daily /DX chart showing…let me ask you – if it was at the top – you would say “topping pattern”? Rounding the bottom??

Will it break down? Will it…punk???


And oil…is it the end?  I don’t know – for my taste there is no clear trade anywhere right now…but I am sitting in plenty of cash and getting back into the game… easy does it for now…


Sunday, February 06, 2011

Weekly Sector Report | 2/04/11 (by Leisa)

The bulls found their footing after stumbling the previous Friday. The broad market sector was up 2.75%.


Here's how the cylinders were firing on the markets' engine (click all images for enhanced viewing):

Moving to the industry level, here are the Top 10 Best/Worst performers:
The sharks are swimming in the current areas:
We close with the broad market index:
With this week's close, it has poked its price nose above the long volume bar that has previously acted as resistance. As usual, I have created a full report for you: