Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Waiting for Godot?



Persistence of this rise is really annoying, it has buried not one, but the last bear, Egypt turmoil added fuel to buying US assets – paper, bonds, dust…anything away from Middle East is good now…



















Mr. Vix keeps flirting with Blue Support Line, bounced today off it in spite of steady climb of the broad market – what’s up with that?



Here is another “rlue line” I am watching – TDST on weekly  Dollar Futures chart – if it breaks down – I’ll be short dollar all over – now I have no position.  As a matter of fact, except for bleeding long puts (still deep in the money and far away) on SPY – I have no positions.


Daily /DX chart showing…let me ask you – if it was at the top – you would say “topping pattern”? Rounding top..at the bottom??

Will it break down? Will it…punk???


And oil…is it the end?  I don’t know – for my taste there is no clear trade anywhere right now…but I am sitting in plenty of cash and getting back into the game… easy does it for now…


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