Saturday, February 26, 2011

S&P500 monthly, weekly

Not quite certain how many of you (even regulars) still remember that charts galore posted back in the August of 2009


SP500 DeMark D-Wave



Lets see how TDST lines predicted the future back in the dammed past


Monthly – the first real resistance was and still is in 1400 area, we did have a pulback/flashcrash which “magically” released pressure from overbought market and let it get back in the way – I did worn about it comparing that flashdancing market with the crash back in 1997 during Asian Currencies Crisis after which market skyrocketed with no other real reason, but proclamations of “new economy” – and we are having “CHANGE” now—just as good of a reason for idiocy as anything else.


Now – the weekly chart…twice, second one zoomed – annotated and self explanatory. And it just completed week 13 of TD Sequential Sell Countdown.




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