Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Gold Update (/GC)

Even though there is quick technical bounce off prior 2 days interval TDST support which is a prior bottom – my view has not changed since I posted

I [do not] love Gold /GC


Just repeat after me: '”There are no triple bottoms”



Thursday, October 09, 2014

That dreaded whole number…


Since the beginning of July I was targeting SPX 2000

The Magic of Whole Numbers AKA SPX2000 

as a turning point, I did not try to “prognosticate” as “when it will happen” in spite of me being huge fan of DeMark indicators and some of longer term timeframe were pointing to Sep/Oct as a major peak. I guess it is happening now, even though SPX is only about 100 points off its highs – my long term puts bought when SPX above 2000 performing admirably due to VIX explosion.

Sukkot lunar eclipse is an omen, some say

The lunar eclipse over Los Angeles on the first night of Passover, April 14, 2014. (Anthony Cook, courtesy of Griffith Observatory)

John Hagee, the San Antonio pastor who wrote the book “Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change,” would have us believe so.
Hagee predicts that because of a cycle of four lunar eclipses called a tetrad — two this year and next on Passover and Sukkot — that something big is about to happen, like the Rapture.
The eclipse will be seen throughout much of the world on Oct. 7 and 8 — the latter the eve of Sukkot. It will be visible throughout much of the United States on Oct. 8, but only in New Zealand on the actual holiday.
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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Ebola in USA contained … the “truth” as always

About 80 people came into contact with U.S. Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan or one of his family members before he was hospitalized, Dallas County health officials said Thursday


Do NOT worry – be happy





But the difference between Mother Nature and plebeians is that earlier does not care about politicians’ lies and promises.