Monday, May 27, 2013

No One Expects the Spanish inquisition


But the way things going here one day we might find out and the answer will not be the one we will like…

Similarities between New Normal in USA and home country I have left precisely because of the same reasons are astounding…

At least while waiting for the answer I can enjoy watching short position (I added a little on Friday before market close)

Sunday, May 05, 2013

SPX monthly

As Wallfly pointed out in comments section of the last post, my charting software was in la-la land (may be it was me) and we do have monthly Setup sell as well as Combo 13 sell countdown.

At the same time RSI during new highs sloping down - in the old time traditional market it would suggest quite unhealthy market internals, but in FED propped "let 1% prosper" reality it does not really matter anymore.





I would really love to see similar countdowns on multiple timeframes, so I will be watching like a hawk and acting accordingly






Disclosure - I entered weekend with substantial short indexes position which I kept building till market close


May 20th update

Bleeding on my SPX short position, leveling it by short Gold position, only 30% of portfolio committed with no leverage at all… none said that catching the top was easy.

Remember old saying: “Wall St cemeteries are full of people who were right at the wrong time”?