Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good news IS a bad news

Just a quick note to myself - consumer is really taking it. Why? Wall St. cheering about American express earnings been up 11% - for me it says: the going has gotten tough and cash is scarce, therefore people have to put more and more on credit cards - another step on the way to "blowout top" for the market - short sellers of all world rejoice.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Just noticed "cheap" stock which has been acting strangely last few weeks, some kind of "suspicious" activity indicating IMHO accumulation. Normally I would not touch stocks under $6-10, but since the feeling on the Street is that a lot of securities have run ahead of themselves, I think traders might be looking for "new blood". Here I go - has build substantial position during last 2 days.
Run (TARR), run!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

(CTX) bounce coming?

Not much of a bottom fisher I am, but action looks interesting, range expansion lately, and I am not really talking about ATR ( Average True Range ), but rather "most statistically probable daily ranges". I'd be watching it next few days, so far it looks like there is some downside - anxious to see end of week action. As for tomorrow - breakdown below 28.30 would lead to some more downside and move above 29.20 might lead too quick long day trade.
Of course, that ( expectation of bounce ) would directly contradict to such acclimed "Investment Advisory Service/Community" as Motley Fool , but I was "foolish" before and still managed to make some money.
Have a profitable week everybody, just remember - what goes up - must come down ( sooner, rather than later )