Thursday, March 29, 2007

My "Vacation" will soon be over

While I am picking up the speed, here are few long ( Am I glad you are laughing now!) ideas:

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bad market - good TDAmeritrade news

This is the day I've been waiting for...a lot of people have...
Like they say - picture worth a thousand words - take a look

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Watching money grow

Good market, bad market, excuses...
Below is the list of recently "triggered" ideas
Average hold time = 10 days
Gain = 7.72% on total portfolio cash value

ACCL -1.07%
COGO 6.35%
GIVN 1.15%
OTIV -3.51%
TZOO 4.61%
TRX 0.20%
QADI 8.68%
CRWN 7.27%
JAV 18.66%
BLTI 16.69%
SHRP 0.87%
WPTE 31.89%
WEDC 8.63%

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just wanted to do one more post before I leave

That was a very nice day, closed most of my positions, about 80% cash, probably going to miss market action - oh well, it is never enough.

Just thought that it would be nice to post capture of "current stock lists" members have access to.

"Current Stocks List Ideas"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hardwork will get you there....

And "yes" - a lot of people know me as a very hardworking guy.
For the last month I have been working as hard as I have not been doing it for quite a while and ... it does not really get me anywhere.
Yes, I avoided few disasters...
Yes, I made some money...
BUT here is a kick - if I have to work THAT hard in order to make money and stay afloat it is a clear sign that it is time to stay away from market for a while.

I am going to Disney World!
Of course not, but I am taking vacation and will be back at the end of Mrch/beginning of April.
Good luck all - don't bet your farm on THIS market.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Abandon every hope, ye who enter here"

Now, why would I want to say anything like that on such a nice quiet market day like today?
On a day when "sub-prime lenders problems are not that bad" according to the major publication?
Think, don't hope, THINK... and get some (FIZ)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No "Market talk" tonight

Just wanted to keep Members updated on Members Site status.
I have decided, due to multiple reasons, instead of continuing using BlogSpot
to switch all Members Services to Google Groups.

Here is why:
Google groups already in use for distributing Members Site updates to Members. Check

Since BlogSpot does not provide "file upload to blog" capability and Google Spreadsheets (nice app, nothing wrong lately with that) have limited functionality and
my trading ideas require precise "pricing points" and specific strategies to be used to outperform market and due to all of the above Microsoft Excel is a way better suited tool ( I've been sending updated spreadsheet last few weeks) -
I am going to retire Mmbers site and instead use full functionality of Google Groups.

New Stocks Ideas Spreadsheet will be regularly uploaded to Group Site
and notification will be sent out to inform Members update took place.

If so desired by Members, discussion area might be created within the Group itself.

Please, feel free to test drive new Members area (Members ONLY - you shall be able to access it, since Members are already IN THE GROUP) - link is below, comments welcome.
Please, report login/usage problems to my email address.

Members Group Site


Why such a long face?

This is just a quick reminder that BULL did not go anywhere, may be just wised up a little, may be it is a good idea not to send a credit card to 10 years old...the truth is - when someone is asking for trouble it'll come sooner or later.

And ... and like J.C. says: "There is always a bull market somewhere"
Of course Cramer did not sound too bullish tonight...
But I guess today we were the ones who profited on the long side of the market ( at least some MEMBERS, who receive spreadsheet with my trading ideas, did )
(BLTI) and (JAV) marched up from breakout price and closed +5.5% and +7.5% (JAV been up as much as 12% )


Monday, March 12, 2007

Better something than nothing at all

Very uneventful market, feels like it is waiting... waiting for a reason to go down.
Am I been overly pessimistic lately? May be...
May be I am just trying to find a good reason to enter long trades, I am tempted, but there is something in the air, something is whispering into my ear: "Prepare your shorts, be ready". Meanwhile I am picking up nickels and dimes on a long side of the market, enjoying 3 to 10% of quick gains and jumping the ship as soon as I see "-3 to -5%".
There is no place for hope now, I am waking up sweating and screaming "2000!"

OK, enough already :-) Of course there is nothing remotely close to the overvaluation of the stock market as it was back in 2000, it is "just a bear coming into town" - how long will he stay?
Few recent ideas from Members Site added from 7 to 12% last 3 days - I am happy.
Will they continue upside move? Could be - as long as -3% trailing stop will stay intact.
(QID) is beginning to look good again...soon...


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Volatility ... is good

Since my usual trading style (breakout from sound long term pattern) does not work quite well in "this" type of the market and I could not sleep yesterday, I played with different scans till 4AM and I think I found something that might be used for VERY SHORT TERM trades, I'd say day trades mostly.

This new scan produced 3 stocks yesterday, one was flat today and 2 went up
(UCNL) - went up 14% ( Yes, fourteen percent!), started to climb from slightly negative open, never sold off during the day, ended, as I said - up 14%
(LINC) - opened flat, and produced +7% withing 1 hour.

That is, I'd say - darn good!
Both stocks had high volume today, so it was possible to trade large positions.

Did I get lucky? Possible, this is why I would be extra careful with 2 trade candidates for tomorrow found with the same scan, plus - I don't think market is going to be quite as good as today.

Big report in the morning - keep in mind that first market reaction is not always right - you know the drill.

My trade candidates for tomorrow are:
(TWTI) and (LGBT), both long, tomorrow I'll know if new scan works...


Monday, March 05, 2007

Have a good reason to enter the trade

Market up, market down, down - up?
Volatility is good for day traders, but for someone like me who looks for sustained continuous move, up or down, does not matter, what does matter - it should not require my constant attention to the ticker, so for me last week was filled with "close position" actions.
No new positions ( just few quick trades) except for 2 triggered automatically: (IONA) and (SCLN) and were closed withing two days with +8% and +5% profits.
Except for that, once again - it was "close with -4% loss", closed -2%, closed -6%.
Uneventful, boring, but I've learned not to bet your house unless...there is a good reason for it :)
And there was none.
I think market will bounce tomorrow, go up for few days, this is why I closed (QID) position today, I still hesitant to open longer term short positions in individual stock.
Boring post...boring week - unless you are a day trader...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

This is sickening

Things like that make me want to break "the rules", say "to hell with rules"... shall I?

(IMMR) profiled on Members site on the night of February 8th with a buy price of "above 7.64", as of today never went under -8% stop loss rule, but had to be closed due to tonights earnings, so (IMMR) AMC posted blowout earnings, upped guidance and won litigation with SONY Corp. as a result up 27% AMC.

Do I break the rules? Shall I?

We've got a "break"

They say: "We will get a break when the case breaks"

And it is not "broken" yet, market direction is un-clear ( in regards to short term trading). Discipline, risk control, don't jump on the band wagon of "we got correction now we have to buy", the very same people were saying the very same things for years after market started its slide in the past. You are the ones who is in charge of your money. Stay smart and alert, forget China, China was a catalyst, not a reason, reason - reasons ARE STILL WITH US-A.

Take vacation - I might