Sunday, June 30, 2013

What part of the channels you don’t understand?

I have gotten few emails asking me why do I constantly close my shorts if I am short now? Truly confused and with the subject’s question I have one more”

“Can be long term short and short term long? Or should I just watch quick profits to evaporate?”


Below chart shows that I was correct in identifying top at the end of May when I went from “somewhat short” to net 100% short on SPX and once channel was identified around June 7th it has been working great (using secret weapon – 33% channel extension – in uptrend lower 33% tends to be touched and vice verse )


Shame on me – I forgot WHO on this blog invented 33% ext   SpringfieldJack?? no?




July 3rd chart update – channel adjusted – now it makes way more sense (not removing original picture above as tribute to my silliness which steered me off few good trades…



and yet another simple chart with just a trendline and a channel NIKKEI 225 futures



Thursday, June 27, 2013

The fight for oil is coming?


Well - there is always a fight for oil - that is how money is made.

But I think the price for oil - is about to go up ... really UP


2013-06-27_1855 2013-06-27_1857

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My next long core position will be ...

Well, remember (SKF)? Took a lot of money from a lot of people who did not understand that it is just a trading instrument, not an "investment" (what really is not?)

I will be opening really big position either tomorrow (hopefully market will spike on the open a little) or Friday.

Below are the charts that for us - DeMark-ians worth a thousand ....bucks (words do not worth anything at all)






and ... if this is not churning (as selling to suckers) - I don't know anything about trading then ... which might well be truth indeed





Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The straw that broke the camel's back


Or can you say ... FREEEEE FALLLLLL NOWWWWWW A.K.A. "The chart of (FXI)"



One of those "feelings" or (/CL) AKA (USO)

I am on the road now, but I looked at the charts of Crude oil and multiple gas companies and refiners - I think ( I really need to remember to take a good look at this) that crude goes 25-30% higher giving boost to most companies connected to that greasy thing...


Update 7PM EST


Without further due I would like to present that chart of falling spiders

Clean and lean - not like usual myself - there are only 3-4-5-A-B-C markers for D wave and Andrew's Pitchfork - you will figure out what it where and where is what ... or should it be vice verse?



Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dedicated to WallFly

No explanations needed – just see how TD Waves and Channels line up – and you will know where we are and where we are going.





And – remembering 

James Gandolfini

may he RIP



The Hallucinogenic Toreador

Back by popular demand – painting and my famous chart




Bonus chart – that is where I think The John Galt … screw Ayn Rand – I am not a psychotic woman hungry for love to like that book… SO

That is where I think GOLD  (GLD) (/YG) you name it going


Friday, June 21, 2013


Let DeMArk-ian chart speak for itself – PERFECT!!!!!


Plus double top – oh boy my Love, my Oracle :(




bonus chart – see how that ascending channel has become resistance and it just received a kiss goodbye?







Sunday June 23rd update ( kind of answering question in comments section)


That Elliot Waves counts make me deeply confused individual, just like Kramer... (not to be confused with lying incapable of making money trading himself crook Cramer )

That is why I use D-Wave - even simpleton like myself can count to 5!,

I think it is (on daily) B up wave ( 8th it will complete when closing bar will be lower than 8 prior closes - so it is quite short UP wave. After which C wave down might follow - locks when close is lower than 21 prior closes. it might be quite steep and furious ... or was it fast and glorious? Getting old... forget... I meant forgive me (C might go to as low as above close of wave 3 UP and not to reset wave counts. Next week will be quite telling.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thank you GoldMan (GS)

Let me just repeat this with George Carlin's intonation

Goldman Sachs: Keep Calm and Carry On Buying

That hit Yah...OO on May 30th 2013

And you will be fine and dandy or one day you will be fine and some other day you will be dandy ...

But on a day like today you wish you were not ... ever listened to you good ole uncle Goldie Man

As of right now you would have lost ( and most of the people with money in that ponzy scheme called free market - did lose) - not much, at least 4% based on SPX performance


Well - glad I listened to (GS) and did opposite - stayed short

DavidDT 21 days ago

replenished short position (I "Ka-ChinGed" about 30% of position yesterday when I said "Ka-Ching" :)

Feeling CONfident in staying short - just got a confirmation from my UnFavorite broker



Back to business - based on daily SPX chart that concludes correctional A wave down and I might be cashing in my short term puts tomorrow morning on the opening dip.

( yeah - people came home from work now - someone will be selling )




JUNE 21th midday update


AS I mentioned yesterday daily WA wave is (for now) completed and next few days we might be trading sideways, creating illusion that market finding “resting level”

I cashed in the rest of SPY puts this afternoon, but holding SPXU (which is close to 95% of my portfolio now). That projection level conveniently right here to help.



Have a great weekend gang

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FED puzzled meeting

I don't really want to even briefly elaborate on this freak show FED is running and starting to be ashamed itself of it sensing nearing end... so, just a quick update:

Closed 1/2 of SPYJul159 puts therefore added to the safety cushion - as always when I have big position I intend to old for a while - I try to trade around in small lots to keep myself interested/preventing disastrous losses should I be 100% wrong.

Short and holding

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back in the USSR - how vigilant we are!



Below are few communist's posters of Stalin's era

For foreign languages challenged there are translations before posters ( 100% accuracy is not guaranteed)

This is an educament for people who say "not in my country and "I do nothing wrong I do not mind my phone being tapped without probable cause and warrant"

Without further due I present








Be vigilant. Spies and terrorists are everywhere



Staying abroad be more vigilant




Be on guard - The enemies are cunning, vile and hard




Be on guard - if you see something .... say something - enemies are among us



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Story of Qs



We concentrated so closely on SPX that some people did not pay enough attention to QQQ which for DeMark challenged completed Combo Countdown Sell on monthly ... not too chubby indeed.


With the sad feeling I am trading short side now, it is not just a trade anymore - it is a fear that social unrests we anticipated when QE smoking world will sober up to unveil ...

Hard to believe that I live in the more police state than my motherland Russia ... so sad indeed...





THIS does NOT look good ... not for me - for Bulls


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"If you see something, say something"

Tried to look it up on the as to who that belongs to because I was not quite sure .... Stalin? Hitler? Pinochet?

WHAT?????   American Government???? In the Land of the Free???

There have been some mistake indeed and those signs were erected and paid by terrorist to discredit our beloved fearless leaders.


2013-06-11_2209 2013-06-11_2206 2013-06-11_2208


I think I saw Elvis...

P.S. I am just wondering - how many things someone SAW WERE OF ANY THREAT?


It all starts with the "bags" then something our relative said that we did not like, then we will be reporting someone who lives better then we do... I came from THAT KIND OF COUNTRY - because I did NOT want to "say something"

Welcome to 1984...

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Hourly /ES Channel

Thursday / Friday ramp set me back almost to the square one, but I stick with short bias for now. below is 4 hours interval channel /ES was riding since the top on May 22nd