Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"If you see something, say something"

Tried to look it up on the brainyquote.com as to who that belongs to because I was not quite sure .... Stalin? Hitler? Pinochet?

WHAT?????   American Government???? In the Land of the Free???

There have been some mistake indeed and those signs were erected and paid by terrorist to discredit our beloved fearless leaders.


2013-06-11_2209 2013-06-11_2206 2013-06-11_2208


I think I saw Elvis...

P.S. I am just wondering - how many things someone SAW WERE OF ANY THREAT?


It all starts with the "bags" then something our relative said that we did not like, then we will be reporting someone who lives better then we do... I came from THAT KIND OF COUNTRY - because I did NOT want to "say something"

Welcome to 1984...

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