Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thank you GoldMan (GS)

Let me just repeat this with George Carlin's intonation

Goldman Sachs: Keep Calm and Carry On Buying

That hit Yah...OO on May 30th 2013

And you will be fine and dandy or one day you will be fine and some other day you will be dandy ...

But on a day like today you wish you were not ... ever listened to you good ole uncle Goldie Man

As of right now you would have lost ( and most of the people with money in that ponzy scheme called free market - did lose) - not much, at least 4% based on SPX performance


Well - glad I listened to (GS) and did opposite - stayed short

DavidDT 21 days ago

replenished short position (I "Ka-ChinGed" about 30% of position yesterday when I said "Ka-Ching" :)

Feeling CONfident in staying short - just got a confirmation from my UnFavorite broker



Back to business - based on daily SPX chart that concludes correctional A wave down and I might be cashing in my short term puts tomorrow morning on the opening dip.

( yeah - people came home from work now - someone will be selling )




JUNE 21th midday update


AS I mentioned yesterday daily WA wave is (for now) completed and next few days we might be trading sideways, creating illusion that market finding “resting level”

I cashed in the rest of SPY puts this afternoon, but holding SPXU (which is close to 95% of my portfolio now). That projection level conveniently right here to help.



Have a great weekend gang

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