Monday, February 24, 2014

That pride deep inside

There could be only one Patria – and for me it is a former USSR and it warms me up that even after most of athletes left for European and Northern American countries in pursuit of better money ( For a lot of people “UBI BENE IBI PATRIA”) the most medals were collected by Russia. Who knows – may be 21st century will see new super power and I suspect it will not be USsA anymore and neither China.





P.S. On the “market note” – I finished trading around my short position and 100% committed on the short side – today’s fluke (without closing on new highs for SPX) presented way better entries that I could hope for – with ability to place stops so very close under today’s highs.


If it will not work – I will go flat and sit on hands for a while.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Move down started?

Perfect sell setup – when everyone least expects it – so close to all time high on SPX, but if it will work out – reward is huge – could be 150-180 points on /ES



Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today may be the day to reopen /ES short

As always I will play it by ear … /ES short and VIX April calls for me, starting to build short position, will be adding next few days.






And .. I think Natural Gas has consolidated enough and ready to climb much higher

Monday, February 10, 2014

/ES update–head fake is almost over



First – reference to the comment made few days ago


“Wave A only printed based on intraday low” … right now I am watching /ES 1810-1820 area, I think that it is a head fake and market luring buy side traders in, but when I look at below 2 charts – I see 1812-1815 as short re-entry.








Oh … looks like I was once again right on gold

Thoughts on gold (/YG) 2


1280 break will provide strong move to the upside – it will be the second time TDST will be assaulted and this time it will not be pretty for gold idiots shorts who proclaimed that gold was going to … 900…800…600… whatever – I am just here to trade and this blog is nothing more than personal thoughts aloud … and when I make some money I use it to enjoy life … like my last trip to St. Thomas with my friend (she had a photo shoot there and I morally supported her … I hope I have done a good job judging by portraits below Smile)








What???  … you expected pictures made in Magens Bay after tourists left???

Not on this blog LOL

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

/ES nearing wave A low

With following buy point on attempted break of blue line with attempt ( on closing or intraday basis ) to establish DWave A low (lower than February 3rd low)  and start of Dwave B – it will happen tomorrow or Friday, which will produce sudden move up lasting 8-10 trading days and peaking around February 20th 2014 – where secondary great short opportunity will be given to SMART shorts – not IDIOT PERMA BEARS type shorts …

Trade well and don’t be lazy – refer to my prior posts on /ES – panning out perfectly so far – starting with my long term prediction of a MAJOR TOP IN MID JANUARY 2014 )


You can make money trading or you can lose money you made writing about trading – long live financial bloggers who can WRITE about trading…



Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Thoughts on gold (/YG) 2




So far gold is acting quite in the way I predicted

“What is insane?” And thoughts on gold (/YG)

and I am looking for good secondary long entry after slight selling pressure off TDST subdued.

I think it will be Thursday when wave B will print on daily – as always things might change, but for now that is the plan.



P.S. Oh .. and support area mentioned here


produced 17 /es intraday points bounce

trade well

Monday, February 03, 2014



Did not take long since I posted

/ES near support 

and /ES hit that red rectangle precisely .. again – faster than I expected, but that is why I love trading short – it is FASTER when it WORKS


Now I will be watching the break of that blue line – if it happen – all hell will break loose, but I think market will stabilize some for few days and set new slightly lower low in 3 days to print wave A on daily chart.



/ES near support


Sunday, February 02, 2014

/NG Natural Gas Ready for consolidation




/NG hit wave 3 target (although MUCH faster than I anticipated … that is what market does – tricks everyone) and ready to take it easy for now