Wednesday, February 05, 2014

/ES nearing wave A low

With following buy point on attempted break of blue line with attempt ( on closing or intraday basis ) to establish DWave A low (lower than February 3rd low)  and start of Dwave B – it will happen tomorrow or Friday, which will produce sudden move up lasting 8-10 trading days and peaking around February 20th 2014 – where secondary great short opportunity will be given to SMART shorts – not IDIOT PERMA BEARS type shorts …

Trade well and don’t be lazy – refer to my prior posts on /ES – panning out perfectly so far – starting with my long term prediction of a MAJOR TOP IN MID JANUARY 2014 )


You can make money trading or you can lose money you made writing about trading – long live financial bloggers who can WRITE about trading…



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