Monday, February 10, 2014

/ES update–head fake is almost over



First – reference to the comment made few days ago


“Wave A only printed based on intraday low” … right now I am watching /ES 1810-1820 area, I think that it is a head fake and market luring buy side traders in, but when I look at below 2 charts – I see 1812-1815 as short re-entry.








Oh … looks like I was once again right on gold

Thoughts on gold (/YG) 2


1280 break will provide strong move to the upside – it will be the second time TDST will be assaulted and this time it will not be pretty for gold idiots shorts who proclaimed that gold was going to … 900…800…600… whatever – I am just here to trade and this blog is nothing more than personal thoughts aloud … and when I make some money I use it to enjoy life … like my last trip to St. Thomas with my friend (she had a photo shoot there and I morally supported her … I hope I have done a good job judging by portraits below Smile)








What???  … you expected pictures made in Magens Bay after tourists left???

Not on this blog LOL

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