Monday, February 24, 2014

That pride deep inside

There could be only one Patria – and for me it is a former USSR and it warms me up that even after most of athletes left for European and Northern American countries in pursuit of better money ( For a lot of people “UBI BENE IBI PATRIA”) the most medals were collected by Russia. Who knows – may be 21st century will see new super power and I suspect it will not be USsA anymore and neither China.





P.S. On the “market note” – I finished trading around my short position and 100% committed on the short side – today’s fluke (without closing on new highs for SPX) presented way better entries that I could hope for – with ability to place stops so very close under today’s highs.


If it will not work – I will go flat and sit on hands for a while.

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