Friday, June 21, 2013


Let DeMArk-ian chart speak for itself – PERFECT!!!!!


Plus double top – oh boy my Love, my Oracle :(




bonus chart – see how that ascending channel has become resistance and it just received a kiss goodbye?







Sunday June 23rd update ( kind of answering question in comments section)


That Elliot Waves counts make me deeply confused individual, just like Kramer... (not to be confused with lying incapable of making money trading himself crook Cramer )

That is why I use D-Wave - even simpleton like myself can count to 5!,

I think it is (on daily) B up wave ( 8th it will complete when closing bar will be lower than 8 prior closes - so it is quite short UP wave. After which C wave down might follow - locks when close is lower than 21 prior closes. it might be quite steep and furious ... or was it fast and glorious? Getting old... forget... I meant forgive me (C might go to as low as above close of wave 3 UP and not to reset wave counts. Next week will be quite telling.

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