Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Doorman Syndrome #N + 1

Why is it "#N + 1"? I have posed few of these - for example - look here "Doorman Syndrome" Yesterday, when I tried to get as much sun out of gloomy North East day and run around our development - neighborg's kid, a girl of around 20 waived at me and she looked like she wanted to have conversation, so I used it as an excuse to catch a breath and stopped. As it turned out I knew her Mom (no, that was not my kid) - her Mom was a secretary at one of the outfits I worked for back in the days. Not my kid: I heard you were doing some stocks? I am doing stocks and sh** too, that is so easy, I do not understand why people even work, I will retire in a year. If you want to make big money I can teach you too. (here, of course, I made as "interested face" as I could on this damn cold). Buy GME - they do games and sh** and they are good and it will go to the Moon. And BB, they are growing some kind of organic food.... Today, January 26th 2021 I will be setting very tight stops on all my long term investing positions and getting ready for the upcoming crash - what I call "Doorman syndrome" and old timers calles "Shoe Shine Boy indicator" is clearly upon us.
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