Saturday, April 25, 2009

Speaking of Market Ticker

Mr. Karl Denninger from Market Ticker calls for prosecution in high places - of people who lied, conspired and cheated ordinary Americans out of trillions dollars.

I agree 100% - that is how it “should” work.

Now - this is why it will NOT happen.

In order to clean it up in high places we need to start from the slightly lower levels. Here is the list of the people who we must imprisoned first:

  • Car salesmen who tell you that “this is today only deal and only for you and this is the cheapest price and best brand”

  • People who place bottom of the screen commercials in cable program you paid for.

  • Insurance agents who tell you “You are in good hands”

  • People who show Tampax commercials when I am having dinner

  • People who are over 80 years old and make happy faces holding Viagra in their hands in front of the camera.

  • People who when applying for the job say: “I am the very best” (and none checks if they can write)

  • School dropouts who get paid 50,000,000 per year for waving the bat.

  • Doctors who charge you $300 for 3 minutes of their time (and never pay YOU for 57 minutes you wasted waiting in the empty room) and diagnose you with severe conditions requiring immediate use of Tylenol.

  • Hairdressers who tell you “Wait time is no more than 10 minutes” and you still there one hour later.

  • People who were laughing at French and European socialism and now French will confidently retire and laughing Americans will continue to work in golden years laughing at French who would not care less (And NO - Paris is NOT in Texas)

  • and last, but not least - people who advertise tacos with flat bottoms and everyone involved in making and watching of American Idol (as a side effect that will raise IQ of average American by few points and decrease the number of ignorant idiots laughing at French)

You get the point - most of ordinary human beings acting out of greed in the country where lie is commonly accepted as long as you don’t get caught or just cannot be held legally responsible because of convenient phrase “honest mistake” shall be imprisoned because there will be no end to frauds in the high and low places - human nature NEVER CHANGES.  Wake up Karl.  Banks will still BE there and THEY will be laughing all the way to the bank. 

Unless... unless you succeed, Karl.  GOOD LUCK KARL