Saturday, April 04, 2009

The “ART” of the “Right Side of the Chart”

It is simply amazing how sometimes visual “projections” hold water, not in the hindsight, but, as it was the case with the post as of March 16th 2009, in foresight.

Let me repost that March 16th “Art/Day Trading /ES off an Hourly Chart ”

(quoted in between the green lines)

--------------------------------------------------start of quoted text

Number one:  Don't you even think about criticizing lines' colors on that chart.

Number two - I've done everything possible to avoid explanations of how to fill "the right side of the chart" - no art needed...


Number three:  "YES" - all drawings were on that chart long before today (except for ugly blue trendline on the right side - it was put there yesterday).

-------------------------------------------------end of quoted text

Now, for comparison, here is as of Friday Apr 3rd S&P500 Futures Chart (pay attention to the “Ugly blue line”)


I think, as of today, it is ECONOMIC ANALYIS A.K.A. “Make belief” (produced by brain dead politically correct Prozak filled high salaried paycheck players) shall be called WOO-DOO – what do ya think?