Friday, October 09, 2009

Oily thoughts

Have not been paying enough attention to Crude Oil lately – not a big commodities trader I am, but while was attempting to figure out how low American Peso might go, flipped to Light Sweet Crude Futures /CL chart – glad I did.

Chart is self explanatory, /CL is in wA of UP wave sequence, upon completion we might expect slightly flattish wB with following steep wC.  That chart shed some more light on the chart Joe8888 posted on and plays well with eagerly expected Mickey Mouse Dollar bounce – it amuses me indefinitely that The Proud Government of The Formerly Proudest Country doing everything to “not to give a damn about wooden…dollar”



It has come the time for some “change” – if you’ll see me posting under different names – do not call police – I was not kidnapped and did not undergo sex change – I just sailed away for a week

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