Thursday, October 29, 2009

“Change” – you can put that to MY bank.

And few changes there are.
First – I finally gave up on my presence at
No, I was NOT banned – I am very surprised I was not – number of sarcastic remarks and constant contradiction to a lot of bears there remotely close to mine would have caused a lot of others (and it did) to be gone forever.
I just had as much of “Napoleon Complex” as I could possible tolerate – you know – that stuff: “My charts are better than yours, my black boxes are finer than theirs, my dick is bigger than yours, people hate me because I am beautiful….” (Pretty much the same reason why I “banned myself” from SOH long time ago – you know…”My house is bigger than yours, my account size is bigger than yours, my shorts are great – no I closed those right before rally” – screw it – go trade for a living day in day out without having paycheck from your owner – OK?)
And what’s with “MY troops”?  I am a grown up and I have made difficult choices in my life, last time I was in someone’s “troop” was back in Russia when I was sent for slaughter in Afghanistan and that almost invisible scar on my chest still reminds me that I will NOT be anyone's private no more.
I guess, my posting of George Carlin’s video clip just yesterday was in a way prophetic  - so let me do it again for those who missed it.

‘nuf said

I expect bounce today, IF this correction is here to stay for longer than priors’ period – wB up will be very flat – that will equally screw longs who hope to close at the better prices and shorts who hope to short at the better levels (most of shorts missed it while dick swinging)

Rydex Market Timers’ action confirm that this is, least to say, more serious and prolonged correction than any prior from March lows.

As you can see from Upper Price Projections – bounce to round numbers/retest to be expected.

Futures approx. BO

Daily Range Projection

Last, but not least I’d like you to look at springheel_jack’s chart (it is a huge benefit of having good community here – I can use someone else’s charts instead of my own “weally weally noisy” charts ….and still take some benefits :)


P.S. Pagination poll has been closed.  Overwhelming majority is fine with no pagination (we don’t really have 400-500 comments monsters yet and it is not really our goal to have it – we welcome everyone to participate, but not blackmailing to do so)


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