Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He Makana Nau!

Which in Hawaiian means: A Gift for You!

Don't ask me why I even bothered to look at XLF today, because I could barely get any charts to load, but now and then you get those little taps on your shoulder and voila- there's gift staring right back at you. We have a birthday again in here today, but I promised not to make a big deal out of it, so don't start grilling each other about who it is either... but that poster knows who they are, and there's my gift to you! A Cheart (chart + heart=cheart)

*If* XLF stays down (WFC don't fail me tomorrow!) and doesn't violate that gap airspace, we could possibly see more downside in this sector- so that gives us something tradable up the road ahead. It sounds like we all had a good trading day today, and more charts to come later I'm sure, so have some down time for now, and we'll hit 'em hard again tomorrow. What a fun day even if you didn't make a good trade or not! See you all later and thank you David for this space and for a smooth running ship!
A hui hou kakou- Keirsten

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