Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Final....

Just a very quick thank you to everyone who pitched in this week for me, and for all of us really. I know for me personally, I reaped a lot of benefits from working with so many fine traders. But now it's the weekend, so time for all of us to recharge a little and reflect on the week that was and the week ahead. I'll post some COT data later just to look at, and please feel free as always to share your charts and thoughts throughout the weekend. If you're like me, you have no problem relaxing on the weekend, but there's always that little tug to look at some charts here and there, so your secret is safe with me. ;-) Below is how I view just a tiny window on this past week. ~Keirsten P.S.- my personal message to David DT- thank you for allowing me the privilege of standing in your shoes and giving me your trust this week my friend.

And for you Jazz fans out there, here's one of my favorite jazz singers, and a favorite tune.

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