Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Texas Tea

Just from my POV, things look like they're moving in slow motion today- block trades are stalling out, it's a snoozer thus far unless you're scalping the hot stocks. Calm before the storm, or will they storm the gates at 1100?

Meanwhile, here's a quick look at USO on the daily chart, showing it clinging for life near the breakout point. Oil inventory at 10:30 AM tomorrow.

Below is a chart you may not have seen. $OVX is specific to volatility on oil, so it's a nice tool for your oil trading tool box. It does in fact update on Stockcharts throughout the day, so enjoy!

Notable earnings tomorrow include: (Thanks Osso!) AMGN, MO, COHU, EBAY, LLY, FFIV, GENZ, NITE, LRCX, NTRS, NVLS, QLGC, BA, USD, VMW, WFC Click here for current intraday action.

As David mentioned last night- if you're lurking, please don't be afraid to jump in with questions or ideas, nobody will bite! :-)

Here's my love song/anthem for this tape today. Forgive my current bearish bent, but hey... a girl's just trying to make a dollar today. :-)



Hey Folks – DDT here

Still fighting with my internet connection – slow as hell, causing laptop freezes

here is an UUP chart I mentioned in comments




12:44PM EST

few intraday charts (note weird time interval I use - due to fractals again. 18minutes, 12, 6min)








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