Thursday, October 22, 2009

Warning Labels

You think? The best warning label I saw was, "Do not use chain saw without wearing clothing." Youch!

Many of us are watching every nook and cranny on these charts today- it can't be said enough how great it really is when you have this many pairs of eyes watching all the parlor games that can and will take place. Let's just do our best not to hold the wrong end of the chainsaw today. First a chart from Joe, and then a second look at the QGRI and where it stands currently (The TARP-fare recipients) Finally, XBD looks like it's just backtesting the broken TL from yesterday's breakdown. That chart really was foretelling of the move down yesterday afternoon, and always on my radar. Good trading into the afternoon session to you all! Natasha aka Keirsten


DDT here 12:30PM EDT

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here is an updated intraday SPX – careful on the long side – wB printed ahead of time (still might be some grinding upside thou)


DDT here 12:40PM EDT

/NQ just defined target at around 1755 for w5 581tick, but w3 target has not been reached, that is quite bearish for now.

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