Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Like Jello Nailed to a Tree

And here you thought you couldn't nail jello to a tree? Well, it's not a tree, but you get the picture. This tape is still defying the laws of gravity ... or what we think is do-able, but let's take it one day at a time. Jello exposed to air eventually breaks down and liquifies. Keep that in mind as we move ahead this week, and keep your trading plans at the ready.

It was quite a good tape today for those who were paying attention (ahem, not me) managed to snag a very good entry at the low and follow the tape up. Good job! That's exactly how it's done and done well!

Tonight, our gracious Fujisan is allowing me to post a few of her charts, and I'm also adding in the chart of INTC to show you what happened on that AH jump. Stopped in its tracks so far, so it could be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.
Please enjoy Fuji's charts, she has an eagle eye, and a knack for seeing things most of us miss. How lucky are we to have her? Thanks for her call to attention on the session timing too- it's been poetry in motion this week. See you all tomorrow ~ Keirsten




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