Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid-Day Wednesday

Quick look at the daily VIX courtesy of ZigZag.

$RUT, $TRAN, $NAZ all refusing to make new highs so far into the session, but with big earnings from GOOG and IBM, don't count the Qs out just yet. I'm sure a lot of us just wish they'd get this Dow 10,000 over with at this point, but at least we've got that target at hand now, and can make new assessments based on volume and so forth. Hang in their traders- we're getting closer, and thanks as always for all of the timely posts and charts as we navigate this beast.
You are what makes these trading days not only easier to navigate, but a whole lot more fun. ~Keirsten

Earnings calendar update:

Today after the bell: WDFC, STLY
Tomorrow before the bell: BAX, C, GS, HOG, LUV
Tomorrow after the bell: GOOG, AMD, IBM
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