Saturday, October 03, 2009

The ugly beast is born!

First off – I’d like to thank everyone who found time on Saturday to offer advise and suggestions – that is greatly appreciated.


A lot of my readers had the very same question thou: “Why I had to steer off from tested and true clean readable format to that messy dark Evil Creature?”


Here is my answer:

Though I am not as extreme as Karl Denninger I truly believe that actions of our Government will cause unavoidable final demise of great power that United States of America once used to be.  Citizens of this country will be paying for generations for endless compromises, incompetence and just outright lies that have been sold to the Joe Six Pack as necessary for the greater good, but instead were nothing more than desperate attempts to prolong existing status quo.

Instead of solving the problems by going to the very roots yet another patches have been made and such approach is just a temporary measure.  It was very foolish of me to expect true “fixing” – that would involve cutting off the very branch “fixer” are so comfortable rest on.

Like they used to say in my home country “Hand washes hand” and “Never bite the hand that feeds you”.

Until anything changes for the better this blog will be as dark as a time we are all living in.


On a positive side – I was able to plug in Disqus Comments system, so I just might stop hanging out at others people sites and will start to pay attention to my own blog :)

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