Thursday, October 22, 2009

(BRCM) and Cramer’s “New Era of Wireless”

Those of you who traded back in 1999 should recall Cramer’s love for OPWV (openwave communications – result of stock merger of and ..yes – stock merger – what do you call the company with ONE product AKA crappy mobile browser)

Why I am talking about OPWV? Most of my losses in 1999 which was THE WORST trading year for me I made up by shorting that garbage from $1000 to $1


Now, speaking of “New Era in Wireless”…ehh, sorry – modern buzz word is “Moooobile”, (BRCM) really beat it to the punch tonight.  No firing as cost cutting was able to plug the hole of lost purchasing power by corporations (what – you think only you, individuals, despise American Peso now? Come on – it does not even burn well)


Monday, September 14, 2009

(SMH) Cramer’s Buy-Buy or David’s Bye-Bye?


Entire Semis Sector has done nothing, absolutely nothing for the last months and a half…except for being methodically distributed to yet another bunch of sheeple.


This is as clean of a short as it gets with perfect stop above 26.50




On a positive note, the biggest bookstore on Mother Earth AKA (AMZN) sold a little more of after the fact written books on the very same subject: “How smart I was when predicted 2nd Great Depression 25 years ago and kept doing so till today and now I am predicting next big boom-Bara boom and will do so for the next 25 years when I will write another book because I am dumb enough not to profit from my ingenious predictions”

Oh my – that was a very long title – good night now


P.S. Is Jeff Bezos still driving that Honda?

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