Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mid-Day Thursday

What a busy morning! If I haven't said it enough, I am really thrilled with the group effort and contributions this week- there is nothing like a good group of hard working traders keeping an eye on every potential profit maker and detail out there. It's probably a good idea to keep focused on volume bars today for some clues, and I was a bit taken aback at the volume being sucked out of GOOG earlier, so caution is warranted going into earnings. Good luck to those trading it, and here's hoping for a good outcome no matter what your position. I've added Zig Zag's updated fractal count chart, and a look at IBM. Keep an eye on IBM too. Both IBM and GOOG have earnings after the bell today. Good luck traders!

Zig Zag Fractal Chart:

Bad day for this trader....
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