Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend at DDT's

Great week everybody! Now it's the weekend, and I'm sure we'll all shuffle in between now and Monday with offerings of good tidings for the week ahead, but for now just a big thank you for all of the hard work that kept us all on the straight and narrow (if that's possible with this crew.) What you see to your left is the hard work and sharing that goes into trading this market day in and day out - every one of those pictures tells a story to guide our way. You can't have a team of good traders with one person to play, and I know this is what David envisioned this blog to be ... so a huge thank you to all of you! See you later and enjoy your weekend to the hilt! Work hard, play hard. ~Keirsten

Edit to add this chart from Humble Student:
The circles on this image is Fib arc from 1987 low to the high of internet bubble.
a. The low of internet bubble is on 38.2% arc.
b. S&P 1576 high is on 38.2% arc.
b. 666 low is on 61.8% arc.
Therefore, the trend line from Oct. 1987 Black Friday to the low of internet bubble is the resistance right now."

Saturday Edit: Chart on INDU and I updated the data on my Long-term Mutual Fund Money Flow graph.

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