Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Mid-session Update

I know a lot of us have been grumpy about the things we read every day in the news, including me, but it's a good idea to remember greater sacrifices today on Veteran's Day. I took this photo at the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. and I can't begin to describe what a thrill it was to see so many of "The Greatest Generation," there.. some in wheel chairs, walkers.. bent over from old age.. all very precious to me. This isn't unique to just the United States either, as we all know. Anyway... the same day I laid a Christmas Wreath on a marker in Arlington for my best friend's son, who was killed by an IED in Iraq two days after arriving there. So.. it's a gift to be able to say thank you on a day like this to anyone who has served their country... any country.. with honor. No matter what is going on in the news today or on this tape, we all have our personal honor.

Moving right along, what a day this is already! I'm sharing Joe's poignant chart showing price and time.
Thank you Joe, and also a big welcome to Gannsecret and all who come here every day to pitch in and work as a team. Let's trade this puppy!! :-)

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