Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Not buying it…


Yesterday a lot of commenters on a lot of financial blogs were outraged by timing of BNI announcement – are not we glad we can keep cool heads and understand that during the war each side tries to get as much strategic advance as possible?  We have multiple tools here, yesterday the one that provided explanation was DeMark (see chart posted yesterday) – lets keep up a team work and productive environment.  A lot of people are constantly on the site – don’t be shy to post or the very least – to  ask questions.

Speaking of comments – we are getting to the point where emotions might be difficult to keep in check (for some people), words “mutual respect” becoming an empty sound for some – I can tolerate a lot of things, more than you can imagine, but please, shall attacks on people having different opinions that one’s repeat – I will not engage in yesterday's conversation again.  (None was banned – I prefer to give people benefits of the doubts – there is always an excuse such as too much vodka)


Why I am not buying it?  Is not it obvious? What do I need crap for?

Here are few slimmed down short term charts – they look awfully similar – w4 of down contains entire 1-5 up wave (it is like w4 is not already pain in the neck to trade – no wonder I stayed away) – w4 is clear on /NQ and /ES on lower tick will show the same (it takes eternity to load tick chart with DeMark, cannot post every single one, my bad)



2009-11-04_0617 2009-11-04_0619
2009-11-04_0628 2009-11-04_0623



Futures approx. BO



Daily Range Projection















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