Friday, November 27, 2009

(GS) “People” cashing in

image Goldman Sachs’s Michael Evans Sells $12 Million of Stock
Evans, 52, sold 70,000 shares at prices ranging from $170.98 to $173.47 on Nov. 23 and Nov. 24, according to the filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

That is understood and timing is indeed admirable – after all (GS) executives are not getting paid our big bucks for nothing, really glad to read that rats are selling into “endless prosperity rally” – talk about topside distribution during last 2 months.  I wonder – if not for special agreement with Warren all American Buffet – would any of them still hold shares of their company?

Dubai default news conveniently broke out after (GS) people sold some shares…
All of course purely coincidental, no pun intended.  I wish I was as good at identifying right time to run from the ship as they are…no pun intended…but I don’t know “their people”…well enough.

The answer I’d like to know: “Where did I see him before?”

Other than that today was pretty dull with a lot of trading opportunities missed (at least by yours truly), one of such being /NG (Natural Gas) long trade…which I completely..cannot say “overlooked”, but…”slept through” may be?

See you all Monday (yeah..right – YOU are addicts – you’ll be here Sunday night!  And..according to site counter – some of you never leave!)

Oh and by the way – for those of you who complained that “someone” was bidding market up with futures pre open – be thankful – if THEY would not be able to pump it up – WE would face “RULE 48” right this morning.  It is good to be a bulltard – they really take good care of sheeple’s mentality…
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