Monday, November 16, 2009

Built on Stilts

Just when you thought they couldn't ramp this up any further, the continued theory of insanity keeps coming to mind, and that's only if you have a mind left after watching this tape. Did we expect different results again? Don't be silly.

I'm showing a daily chart on the Qs, coupled with DDTs DeMark chart. First up is a study I'm working on with Zig Zag on T theory, and I'm mainly testing this for timing purposes only. So, in essence, a significant top or bottom should hit intra-day on or near that pink line, and this is a chart for IWM. I know how David likes all of the pink I use on everything. :-) Good trading to you for the remainder of the session.




Wednesday, September 30, 2009

D-wave update

just caught myself on "honest mistake" AKA eyes want to see etc...
I was on 1120 target for a while based on daily w3 of up sequence and never bothered to double check what was the final target of C of down sequence... (my software prints C right at the moment when it is "locked" and then stops)
recalculated - C target is 1113
what does it change? in terms of points – not much, 1120 or 1113 is no biggie.

But it might change MORE THAT JUST A NUMBER.
Well - wave sequence up (green) for as long as wave sequence down (red) has not completed might be just a flick and 1120 w3 and consecutive w5 1250 targets might not hold water for as long as SPX is below 1113 of C target.

And that might sync daily and weekly counts just about now.


Does it mean that the top for 2009 is in?  Of course not…but it bettering the odds yet a little bit more than before.

Posted by DavidDT at 9/30/2009 10:54:00 PM

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