Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Bull Run

Well, wasn't that special? That's basically what my thought bubble had goin' on all day today. No gap fill yet on $INDU, but we're verrrry close, and I would have bid it up myself, but my eyes were too crossed to watch the screen this afternoon. Anyhoo.. a few charts that caught my attention late in the day, as they seem to be acting a little stranger than the rest of the tape in relation to the buck. UUP held support by EOD, fwiw. So here goes, and I'll hopefully meet back up with the rest of you later on when we have time to digest what lays in store for tomorrow and beyond. Thanks as always for generously posting your own analysis as these trading days progress, as it keeps us all on the straight and narrow, and is much appreciated!







    DDT here…this is what I have to say…




Oh, and else…someone asked me – what with the devilish avatar…

Devilish? Quite opposite… and fits me like a glove


8:22PM EST DDT here…again…mad as always

I thought today is as good of a day as any to watch this clip – tribute to great American Freedom.

As much as you listen to George – that much, please, watch stupid neurotic looking asshole on the left.


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