Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Weakest Links

Benny Boy delivered Christmas a little early to some of us today, so thank you Ben... well done! I have no compunction about taking money from this beast, but what is that money really going to be worth? Don't remind me, I'd rather stay in denial, and just trade the weaklings for all they're worth.

I have not had time to pour over the candle patterns or Fibs just yet, but I will comment in the regular section with all of you fine traders later on. We had gap fills, Fib fan rejections, you name it, so it's time to regroup and plot out the next round of moves for tomorrow, because no matter how well we did today, we won't rest on our laurels of good fortune. Excellent trading group.... I still can't get over the coordination that continues to happen here on TTW. In a word, Wow! See you all later on tonight, and enjoy whatever success you extracted!

And in the meanwhile, I present the weakest links and a chart on UUP, and where it stands...
$RUT finished down 1.31% and XLF down 1.39%

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