Monday, November 02, 2009

Daily Range Projection Nov 2nd ‘09


Futures approx. BO



Daily Range Projection



















Like most of my stays in medical institutions last one did not last long – after been awarded stylish t-short suitable for participation in “who has the most disgusting bottom” contest and being connected to primitively looking “respiratory machine” I started to demonstrate my natural curiosity and ask questions.


Q. I think I saw same kind of “machine” in local CVS?

A. Oh, those machines are not approved by organization we pay huge bribes to.


Q. Are you going to be doing any procedures to me at night and if not – why should I stay?

A.  We will be monitoring you (according to the hospital's “unpublished prices – it is about $1,200 – for this money I can book penthouse in Taj Mahal)


Health care has become reminiscence of auto repair industry, you never know what needs to be done, you have no idea how much something is going to cost, medical personnel interested more in charging for the same meaningless procedures time and again (like taking body temperature, blood pressure etc – you know – all that safe kind of tests)

So, long story short – I escaped and on the way home bought that “unapproved device” in CVS and on Saturday morning I called my doctor and he did prescription for antibiotic (or whatever it was ) to be added as active agent in that “unapproved machine”

I still feel kind of disoriented (I bet you figured it out reading this post), I might be adding some charts to this post later.

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