Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trompe l'oeil Trading?

Every few weeks or so, I receive a newsletter that addresses the psychological aspects of trading and how to make improvements by adjusting the psyche to the challenges that are unique to successful trade execution. In a nutshell, the topic was directed on focus, and how we tend to only see the information we have, overlooking the possibility of the information we do not have... or do not want to see. Where does that go wrong? When we seek information that only confirms our current trade bias. Mind tricks, chart tricks of Trompe l'oeil that we design ourselves... it happens to the smartest, most talented traders. The simple and most oft cited cure is to ask yourself where can the trade go wrong, but that's not really enough. The need to prove how smart or clever we are with our various trading systems has to hit the road (ego), with focus directed not toward proving how smart or clever we are, but rather disciplined risk management. So there's the Sunday sermon delivered one day early, and I really write this stuff out to cement it into my own mind, not yours. Anyway... thanks to all of you for your consistent pay-it-forward generosity each and every day, and I'll see you tomorrow night. Go enjoy your weekend!

Moving right along... a few charts to look at, and whatever you also have to share if the mood strikes, and we'll have our quickie fix until the Sunday night trading huddle. We're all on board with the RUT now, and good on us because we were early to catch that chink in the armor several weeks ago, but it might also be time to keep an eye on the Mid-caps for further clues and risk aversion. I think I found some pretty strong resistance on the Qs going over the longer term chart, but if it pops over that resistance, the gloves have to come off and trading with that strength is the smart thing to do, period amen. My general thinking after going over sector charts is that if this is a topping process (or not) strike where the iron is hot, take some surgical strike style trades, and don't worry about taking on Goliath just yet. Also, if you missed this on the last thread, Alpha shares his musings on using Renko on a 5 min. chart. Yet another great lesson with a different trading method. Another good set of charts for GDX was submitted by MoneyFarm, and they are truly worth a look as well. GDX Daily and GDX 60 min. Thanks to both of them!

And Saturday music... what would a weekend be without good music? I am in love with the Gypsy Kings, and a little known fact is the left-handed players in the group have their guitars strung upside down, because they only had right-handed guitars to borrow when they learned to play. Learning to adapt and succeed with the tools at hand... literally, their origin has a rich history rooted in the gitanos fleeing Spain during the Spanish Civil War.
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