Thursday, November 26, 2009

Think positive…


Let just turn on CNBC, listen to Steve LiesMan and Chinese Laughing Girl AKA Melissa “Have no clue” or to Mr President Obama (he cannot be lying, right?) or to Benny Ber-Na-Nke (translated from now dead language it means either
1. Don’t know shit
2. Screw all of you – I am allset already
3. I cannot be so dumb to really believe all the crap that coming out of my mouth
Choices for stupid/lying/crappy infotainment are countless – too bad I disconnected cable long time ago – could not stand newly implemented “in the movie commercials” AKA “stupid huge stripes at the bottom, top and across” – I am paying and getting screwed?  Nuh…not with cable IdioTV.

Now that we all feel better and may be we’ll have more wooden nickels AKA American Soft Two Ply Dollas – we can afford more Dollas at multi year lows, just for fun, we not going to go out and buy things for that – we might kill WalMart Clerk on the way to saving $5 at 3AM on Black Friday (WhoTF is waking up at 3AM to buy that garbage?)

Let just be happy and not to worry just like those sweet doggies at that picture, smartest of us may assume that position – at least it will not hurt as much as if we resisted.

Now, speaking of Two Ply Dolla’ – no matter how much I want to bash it – to be fair, 74.10 is a TD Weekly Risk Level and, at least for my trading style, represents another good risk/reward long trade with clear tight stop.

Have a great jobless Thanksgiving, enjoy your family (“Family Comes First” – you may want to skip 2 minutes if you are not the patient type) and I wish I had a good news for you, but all I can say is: “Enjoy the ride now – the destination will be much worse”
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