Friday, July 18, 2008

Yet another "Victory" for Fast gone Money

[ following is not a legal transcript, some mistakes might have been made, Trading to Win cannot guarantee accuracy - just like CNBC Clowns ]

About a week ago Mr. ADAMI ( I always misspell his name, so just last name here ) told YOU the story:
"I am coming out of the can with that guy and that guy says: Gilead, Gilead! I did not realize that he was simply very excited about life changing event of been in the can with me and decided that that guy recommended to buy GILD.
This is why I am bringing that exciting idea to you idiots who watch CNBC, it is like I did research and know what I am talking about. As always my advise is highly expensive to you, because CNBC pays me money off commercials pool and I don't care if I or (even less) YOU make or ( most likely ) LOSE money.
Enjoy free lunch and get what you paid for - which is crap"