Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23rd 2008 Morning update

Had a very strong urge to get on cash even before market open -
sold outright stocks positions: (UYG),(XHB) - not saying that financials rally is over right now right this moment - but ...don't want to be a pig.

(DNDN) waking up?

Will attempt to beef up my refiners long calls position with long calls on (ALJ)
Also, (GLBL) on my watch list might be close to reversal.
Still long calls
(ZOLT), 1/2 (AMLN), (CIEN), (CPSL), (DNDN), (MPEL) <==will be losing, most likely today, big (QQQQ) , (SIGM), (TSO), (UNG) <-==not happy so far