Friday, July 18, 2008

Why The Street is so full of IDIOTS?

"18-Jul-08 Bernstein Downgrade:(TSO) from:Outperform To: Mkt Perform"

Are not those people ashamed to get their paycheck? Why, if so happens, they complain about "small severance packages"?

To downgrade beaten down, barely alive stock at the very bottom - they either have to be geniuses or complete degenerates - where were "they" when (TSO) was above $60???

And government BAILING out BROKERAGES using OUR money???? So they can continue to screw US up?
Now I will have to keep an eye on refiners - soon is the time to BUY ( MAY BE )

Would love to get access to Bernsteintrading activity in (TSO) today - are they loading up? If they do - than they are not IDIOTS, but CRIMINALS...what else is new...