Sunday, July 27, 2008

My readers are wiser than I am...

Just to put "an issue" with that "infamous email" to the rest.

Overreacted is the word, I have no right to be so sensitive to "criticism", when I constantly criticize "current state of affairs", like they say "never speak of religion - you never know who you are going to offend".

In my few years of blogging that was the first email with such a language and racial context and I was simply not prepared to handle it properly. ( Back in the time I left my home country due to similar officially tolerated conditions, it is a well known historical fact that people prefer to blame someone easier accessible than to try to understand the real reason, oh well "Human nature never changes" ).

I am eternally grateful for unexpectedly large number of "support email/comments" - it is in the "bad times you know who your friends are" ( Title of this post is actually partially "stolen" from one of the comments).

Looking at the glass half full - if "that" did not happen, I would never discover something I am going to address in the next post. ( One of the readers sent me a "mystery link" - boy was I surprised)

Thank you all for being wiser than I am...