Thursday, July 24, 2008


Right after I posted this:
I received email ( without real email address, but one of those addresses), here is SOME of it ( I cannot post all text due to very explicit language )

quoted below:
"You dumb stupid ass crooked short America hater dirty immigrant.
You don't believe in God, nor in America
After tremendous flood of bad news from the cornerstone of American Culture(???) financials,
right when the worst is over assholes like you continue to spread shitty news in order to make some silver coins on True Americans difficulties.
burn in HELL"

I am speechless, I think some people don't want to be helped and some, just don't DESERVE to be SAVED...

I am DONE with blogging for a while.


Anonymous said...

Idiots like these are dime a dozen. These are the people who has allowed american company CEOs to become lunatics and thieves because they want to just remain oblivious to fradulent practices. I personally want all the homeowners who couldn't afford a house go bankrupt right now alongwith the companies who provided them with creative loans. why should i pay for somebody else's mistakes? Just because i was intelligent enough to understand my affordability, i pay for somebody elses folly. I will short the hell out of all the obviously idiotic companies including GE and GM, financials and homies. I don't care if it is american or not. How long can Fed babysit and breastfeed US economy or stock market? If you stop blogging because of these people, you would be doing a great dissservice to your loyal readers and encourage these idiots to come up with even more stupid comments.- Aris

Unknown said...

Hey DavidDT,

whoever wrote you that is utterly f*cktarded. I don't want to miss getting updates from you because of some Asshats inability evaluate a chart, company or understand the leverage of the financial markets. I wouldn't worry about it, but it reminds me of how large the financial illiteracy of many Americans is. They buy a stock like Microsoft and sit on it for years in their 401K or dollar cost average all the way to zero on stocks like IndyMac, or soon to be Crocs, Circuit City, Blockbuster, HANS & Bank Atlantic.

Don't take comments like that at face value, his lack of knowledge and apparently racist undertones are clearly shown in the 2nd paragraph. This guy is clearly an idiot and obviously has no concept of the current imbalance of fiscal and monetary policy going on. The systematic risk of the financial system lies with the Fed, they are the risk, not short sellers or Oil speculators. Journalists confuse and baffle the naive and when they see their accounts moving lower month by month and unemployment nearing a close -- well, they have to have somebody to blame.

Love the blog and the insight, I'm hoping updates will continue soon. As for dumbass who wrote that to you, I think you need to do a little more research to understand the markets, derivatives and how necessary short sellers are to a capitalistic ideal of free markets.

Joe said...


Unfortunately, Some people are still in denial as to the extent of problems out there.

Unfortunately, some people believe the BS being fed to them on a daily basis via the media and various figureheads.

Embrace it. Misconceptions and ill-conceived opinions such as this help to illustrate why there are, and always will be opportunities for level-headed people to profit in the markets.

Happy trading, and great blog. Keep up the good work,


Anonymous said...

One comment like that and you are retiring from blogging? I thought you were wiser than that.

Does one loss make you stop trading altogether?

- SK