Monday, July 28, 2008

NASDAQ 100 - where to?

Another not such a pleasant day due to multiple reasons.
Somehow few of my former co-workers decided to call me on the same day ( I try to stay in touch with lots of really decent people no matter how long ago we worked together).
Topic, strangely, was the same:
"They underpay while we work, they try to convince us that they do us a favor by exploiting us, we getting triple taxed, our pensions are taken away, and when even after scamming us they lose money - they kick us out like we are stray dogs"

So very sad and even sadder that government instead of helping citizens who really need help keeps helping the very same companies who neglect interest of people and country and the reason for doing so I believe is that this is where governments officials retirement money is - corrupt incompetent companies should not go bust in order to protect "their" future.

Sometimes I am just wondering - except for the period from 1947 to 1959 was it ever a "Golden Age" in America? When decent people had decent jobs and decent life?

Well, according to Donny Deutsch my old friends are most likely lazy ignorant scam of the Earth who just don't want to become millionaires (by selling garbage people don't need) or presidents (by promising things they will not do) - because in this country everyone can be all he/she wants to be. Their fault...Let us laugh at France - we all know that "French can not be trusted" ( When French have 35 hours work week and few months of vacation and, most importantly - LIFE )

'Nough said - back to markets.
"Happy" to report that my Aug (UNG) calls will most likely expire half worthless in spite of start, in my opinion, of (UNG)'s move up ( Sep calls will do fine). (USO) moved up as was "explained" by knowing people due to Nigeria's militants - what a surprise, just wondering what militants got to do with (UNG) move.
I sent intraday email with my observation of (USO) buy signal as of today.

Glad I stayed away from going short financials, yes, (XLF) went bust for 2 days, but I think SEC tomorrow will proceed ignorantly with "extension of enforcing rules for short selling" and, most importantly will extend it to bigger part of the market. It does not really matter much, but market might just use it as an excuse to move up.

Speaking of "move up - (QQQQ) formed, what I think is "inverted roof" and if that is what I think it is - NASDAQ will move up tomorrow.

This low volume volatile moves are getting under my skin, really...
Might have to visit my niece - she graduated MIT, but decided to move to Paris ( not the one in Texas )